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  • better support for metric system


    I once got hold of one of those double din screens premade and all... as din/DIN stands for Deutsche Industrie Norm (ie german industrial norm) I figured it would be a perfect fit for a peugeot, but I soon discovered that there is an US DIN also that is slightly bigger so I had to disasemble it total and sand it a bit.

    While it fits I can't quite get it to stop from rotate a degree or 1 and such the pic is a bit off

    What would it take to have the framework arround the screen made to fit? I could live without the screen for some time to have the frame copied and made right...

    Any input welcome

    EDIT: The screen I got is: the pic does not show it but there is a mini usb connector on the right side along with a tiny grill to allow the remote to work
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    Could you take a photo of your dash? What year is your Peugeot?


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      its a peugeot 207 year 2008, most electronics also indicate that as the production year. will do photos in the morning. about 7 hours time zone difference :-D
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        Got time to take som pictures, let me explain them shortly:

        first 2 are as things are now completely installed.

        next 2 are with the 2 side trim bits off

        next 2 are with the trim plastic off that followed the double din cage i got after removing the single din stock radio and single din shelf under the stock radio. stock radio simple clips in place of the bare double din hole (ie the cage is not need for the stock radio and shelf)

        next 2 are the trim plastic from the cage, it has 4 small standoffs that gribs in 4 small slots in the steel cage

        next 2 are the screen modded after i got it from you, i had to make 4 slots so that the trim from the cage could get a hold on the slots in the cage. also i sanded the top and buttom edges to make it fit under the trim from the cage

        next 2 are with the screen partly out

        last 3 are the cage itself... the duct tape is to make sure nothing shorts.

        i have thought of 2 options:

        1. a plastic trim bit that just clicks in to the bare hole just as the stock radio... one drawback would be that it will only fit this car and model...

        2. make a kit in 2 parts... part one (part 2 is the trim from the cage) with the screen clicks in to the double din cage... benefit is that this will fit more european cars with double din hole... there is a big BUT to this... part one has to sit flush so that the trim from the cage can go all the way in.. that is not the case for me, its 1-2 milimeters short...
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        Blessed are the "cracked" for it is they who let in the light.


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          lost the email from mp3car but the price to get a dash kit made is just to "crazy" i will just use clear silicon or hotglue to lock the screen in place
          Blessed are the "cracked" for it is they who let in the light.