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auto dimming touchscreen

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  • auto dimming touchscreen

    i have searched but could not find any of them in the market, but imho it is easy to produce.
    may be ambient light sensor like in iphones.
    or may be a trigger cable that will be connected to headlights.

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    Most of the Xenarcs produced since 2009 have had this feature, as has the Intelmatic industrial touchscreen. What i've experienced in testing these devices is the range isnt quite enough. They go from say 100% brightness to 85% brightness in full darkness. I prefer to utilize my fusion brain and a photosensor to achieve the effect with the range i desire. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      IMO they need to have a programmable range as mountng and lighting situations vary so much.
      And I always like the manual override.


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        I know you mention that the newer xenarc products have the autodimming feature, but is there a way to add this feature to Lilliput touchscreen?


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          not easily, but it is possible using things like a arduino, or fusion brain.
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