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    I have passed a few messages back and forth between regarding my circumstances and the end result is, chose what financially works the best for you and decide how bad you really need something.

    Here is the issue. I live in Canada but I'm 10 minutes from the US border and I regularly cross the border because Canada will not offer the same products for comparable pricing. Shipping by Canada Post is ridiculously expensive. Shipping within the US is usually free or minimal cost and if you are out of state, tax is frequently not charged.

    I regularly have things shipped by the Kinek delivery network, which means that I have items delivered to a NY business which receives my package and I pay them $5 for holding my package (they receive >2500 packages per month which makes the >$12500 per month). In turn I pay 13% tax on returning to Canada at Customs but I didn't have to wait 1-2 weeks while Customs would hold and inspect my package if it was mailed to Canada directly.

    In summary: I usually get packages delivered in 1-5 days, tax free, free shipping, and then I pay a tax which is mandatory in Canada anyway (and occasionally the Customs Officers don't even make you pay). Shipping directly to Canada usually involves extra taxes, ridiculous brokerage fees (when UPS is used we call it Brown Tax), long delays (up to 2 months), and extra fees.

    I have bought numerous items from MP3Car through using this method with no issues and items are usually received within 2 days. I realize they have a unique product.

    But recently I had to purchase one item (read below) that is not on Amazon, so I had to order from them directly. Because my Visa and Paypal account are connected to my Canadian billing address I am forced to use the "International Shipping" option, even though I am having the items shipped to a US address (so this is a Domestic delivery involving a Canadian billing address).

    Funny that anywhere else takes less than 60 seconds to process my Visa. Using GlobalShopex took 11 days. Not to mention that I am paying an additional 20% per order to pay GlobalShopex to process my credit card. I guess that is because an item had to be shipped from Baltimore south to Miami (GlobalShopex warehouse), then to be shipped back north (through Baltimore) to New York.

    See the problem. I reduced my order to 1 item from 6 because I refused to pay the extra fees. I weighed the costs from every other dealer and chose them and chose to make my own wiring harness.

    GlobalShopex might work for the rest of the world (although I've seen some outrageous quotes), but I don't see why they are involved in Domestic shipping.

    I don't mean for this to be *****y and hopefully will be received as constructive criticism because I really appreciate the unique niche you have in this market and the resources you provide. I'd suggest that MP3Car needs to have all of their products available through because "foreign" customers are looking for alternatives unless they absolutely have to purchase through the MP3Car site.

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    Been there discussed that..... not much has changed, I payed over $100 to UPS for a $300+ order a couple of years ago from the store here.
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      Canadians buying from US, shipping to US address, using Visa

      Have you contacted Visa, your credit card company to put a secondary shipping address on your account ( put the drop company address in the US where you pick up the shipments )? Snowbirds that spend the winter in Arizona or Florida do this so that they can have shipments sent to their US addresses. Then you can order from MP3Car and have it shipped to your name C/O the drop company in the US.


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        The billing address triggers the International Shipping. The shipping address is not a problem.

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          I have given similar feedback before. My power supply cost me a fortune due to postage costs (FedEx.. Well known ripoffs). Nothing changed though.


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            Originally posted by heretic View Post
            The billing address triggers the International Shipping. The shipping address is not a problem.
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            You can have a "secondary" or "business" address on your account (i.e. main billing is your Canadian one, secondary the drop location offices). I do this with my friends in NY also. When ever a retailer asks for Billing address, just use your secondary (US) address. Some retailers have started asking for phone numbers which is *****ing my off as that can only be your CDN residence.

            Hope that helps.


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              Thanks for your feedback. If it ever takes 10 business days to process an order through Globalshopex, please contact us directly through the store. There is no excuse for this and we will take this matter up for you with Globalshopex. Sometimes we can arrange for expedited shipping at no additional cost to you for the inconvenience.

              A little bit of background on why we use Globalshopex: We use a network of fulfillment centers in the U.S. that can only ship domestically. For our international customers, we've been trying out different freight forwarding facilities (i.e. we have to ship to them domestically first and then ship internationally). Globalshopex is the only one we've used that has reduced international shipping cost fees substantially (over 50% from our last solution and significantly less than shipping orders ourself) and has provided a seamless shopping experience for our customers, where they can see international fees before they checkout. Globalshopex is a relatively new subsidiary of a much larger shipping company and I do believe they are still working out some kinks. Generally, they have been extremely responsive to our requests, have offered a nice service to our customers, and work hard to make sure things are right for us and our customers.

              This being said, you've identified a valid problem in our checkout process: international billing addresses cannot be used to ship domestically without going through Globalshopex, which is extremely inefficient and not cost effective. Our development team is working on this today to resolve this issue and you will be able to use your Canadien credit card with a U.S. shipping address and get fast, free shipping soon.

              Also, we try to offer all of our products directly on Amazon. Of course, we prefer orders to come directly through our own store and we generally offer a pricing discount if you purchase on our store. We don't offer items that require assembly and testing (carputers and Direct Fit Kits) on Amazon because they're not available for immediate shipment. What product did you need to order directly from our store?


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