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    I have just demoted my laptop and installed a carpu---uhm boatputer in my Pearson 35 sailboat. I live on it, do extended cruising, and am not always connected to shore power to charge the batteries. I plan on using this for navagation, movies, music, and general computer stuff that I have been using the laptop for. I would like a surround sound speaker system intalled. It does not need to be a blaster, ambient noise will not be an issue. I have a stereo for that.

    Since battery power is a preimium on a sailboat I cannot use one of the high amp output speaker systems that requires 3 extra batteries, and a high output alternator that would take more than my little 25 hp motor can handle just to charge and run the system.
    I have a 240 amp hour house battery system that I try to not charge up more than once a day.(less when I get solar panels installed)

    Most of the computer speaker systems, which I believe would work are 120 volts. My 1200 watt inverter pulls too much current just running to be on all of the time.
    I was wondering if there is a 12 volt/low amp speaker system that is avalible? Or can these systems be converted to 12 volts some way? Maybe someone else has come across this.
    Any help would be welcomed.

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    Look at buying the sonic impact class-t amps (approx $60 a pop) and some suitable speakers to match.


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      i agree with pokki, either a class t-amp (doesn't have to be sonic impact but i do have experience with that amp and it powered my definitive technology bp-10 tower speakers enough to fill my living room at a respectable volume) the key is having efficient speakers. im not familiar with what types of speakers you'd install in a sail boat but look for something with at least 90db sensitivity.

      another option, if you need higher power is looking into jl or wetsound class-h amps. they only use as much power as you ask them too.. unlike traditional amps that are running at full power and you attenuate the input voltage to control the volume.

      id def look into the chip amps first though. sonic impact, and there is one on ebay that is really cheap as well
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