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All In One PC for my Cranchi Endurance 33

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  • All In One PC for my Cranchi Endurance 33

    I was considering putting in an All In One PC like the MSI Wind AE2020 in the cabin of my Cranchi Endurance 33.

    It will be mostly for watching DVD's, browsing the Internet and streaming TV from my Slingbox at Home. Originally I had considered buying a big Flat Screen to supplement the installed Clarion car DVD/audio player, but thought I might as well add a full PC, with Touch and all the bells and whistles, and mount it on the wall.

    I suspect that I will have to swap out the hard drive for an SSD, but my main query is with POWER. I know nothing about it.

    MSI pride themselves on lower power machines. The AE2020 comes with a DC adapter, similar to a laptop, and the manual states this info:

    Power Supply
    120 watt AC/ DC adapter with active PFC
    Input: 100-240V~, 50-60Hz, 2.0A
    Output: 19V 6.3A

    How does this compare to a normal car DVD/stereo, or a laptop?
    Will this run down my batteries very quickly?
    I have 2 Service batteries and a seperate battery for the Engines.

    I also have a generator, but it humms, smells of diesel and is temperamental.

    My primary concern is whether the kids can watch a movie or two in the cabin, while anchored in a bay, off the service batteries?

    Or am I barking up the wrong tree completely?
    Any help or advice appreciated.

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    about 100w roughly with maybe 100 amp hours to use? roughly 10 hours of runtime on a charge? i dont know, its just ballpark but i would imagine a couple movies would be no problem on two car batteries.


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      power is the only concideration.
      a laptop is not the best way to go. goto logic and look at their itx minis. these are very low power and can user the 12 vold based power supplies. (ihave the intel atom $80)

      an ssd drive is better and faster. i have a kingston SSD 65 gig. it is very fast. do not use a CF with windows. they will wear out the flash. although good for 1 million writes, once a second for 12 days will be a million writes. 81K a day.

      anyway. a usb dvd is cheap and low power. going the 12 vold direct route is the best way, conversion efficiencies are not an issue then. all of this will use 12 watt plus what ever you drain for the display. 25 watts and up there. small lilluput or phylon displays are 10 watts.