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  • Anyone still out there?

    Hi all, haven't really visited this forum in a while because, well modern cars have most of what we fought for now.

    However I have a cabin speedboat and now want to revive the project!

    Anyone out there who could advise particularly on software? I was thinking of using ride runner but what gps software do you use?

    Thanks for any help


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    Welcome back I personally use Driveline and Co-Pilot. Others are using Garmin still with updated maps, some use iGo not sure on map status with that one last I heard was 2011. Sygic is another and it has some form of functionality in CF and RR. Good luck in your search many are in your same boat. SNO


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      Hi, thanks for your reply. I'll have to do some Googling around those names you mention. Couple of other questions though :

      1) has anyone ever used a diagnostics port on an outboard to make custom gauges?

      2) I have an old lilliput touchscreen, is there an easy way to make it marine proof?

      Thanks for any extra input.



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        If that boat engine is built-in type automotive engine and exposes obd2 port then you will be good to go. No need to make gauges if you use Driveline as your frontend as they are built-in. for marine grade monitors or what you would need to do to make it splash-proof(?) for vibrations I think that would be easily solved. SNO


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          As for iGO8, I just recently updated my NA maps to Q1 2014.
          Q1 seems to be the only one until someone uploads more.
          Google is your friend for GPS forums.

          EDIT: Just updated to Q2 2014. Newest that I can find.

          Also I can use the same maps & POIs on my iGO Primo app for my Android tab.
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            Awesome, cheers for both of your advice.

            It's an outboard so not sure how feasible gauges will be.

            Will have to have a Google on the GPS apps.



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              Hey all, I solved my problems, made a skin for the garmin gps software I have (that took a little while).

              Now I'm running into issues with trying to connect my phone to ride runner. Ideally I'd like it to stream music from phone, browse the Internet using the phones connection and make/receive calls.

              Problem is I've spent ages trying to get this to work but with no success, I've fallen out with blue soliel so would like to avoid that as best as possible.

              Do you have any advice?

              Thanks, Joe