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  • Moisture

    I read a while back that you can get a special spray for electrical components like motherboards that protect it from salt spray and moisture.

    Anyone know where you can get this stuff

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    Yeah, I would like to know that too if there is something like that.



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      I've read about this stuff before ...

      I recommend you use "Stabilant" ...

      The next step down from this product would probably ur average dielectric products that you find in automotive components.
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        There's "conformal coating" that is applied to circuit boards used in industrial applications. You'd have to be careful not to get it on any connectors or sockets.
        I'd try to keep the enclosure sealed if possible; use a liquid cooling system for the CPU (if necessary) so the radiator can be outside the box. If heat in the case is still a problem, cool the case by wrapping a couple of sides in stainless tubing (brazed to the case) and circulating cool seawater through it.


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          We use conformal coating made by 3M on breath analyzers we ship to Florida. But when u spray it on, you cant get it on the connectors because it will give you a intermittent connection. But the stuff does work as we have tested it in are environmental chamber numerious times before we got are insturmants approved by the FDLE. But it does work, and if anyone wants more info on it, let me know, ill get more info for everyone.
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            More info would be great. I am starting to build stainless enclosures with a NEMA 4 seal for boat applications and would like to offer that spray as well.


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              I found this link while searching for something else:


              This company uses conformal coating plus something called a VCI (vapor corrosion inhibitor) which is material such as foam that emits a corrosion preventative.
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                I also know of a company that does coformal coating, they do really good work and are fair priced. I would go with parylene for a conformal coating but there are a number of others such as silicon, epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane. My vote is parylene, nothing can get through it. Anyone need the info let me know


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                  I have used Lear chemical research corp's "corrosion block", results seem to be good right now but its still to early to tell. By next season I should know for sure if it was effective or not