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  • Chaincounters....

    Check this out! A must have on any boat!

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    um.....does it interface with a computer?
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      The AA601 does


      Yes the AutoAnchor 601 is a 'black box' rode counter that displays the length of rode on a host screen - a marine PC or a lap top.

      Check this out for more info:


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        I'm not extremly into boating... but why would this matter so much? It being a "must have"

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          When anchoring don't you want to know how much rode you releasing. And with some models, like the AA500 series, you can even preset the amount of rode you want to release and off it goes. Everyone that I have spoken to has said that it has made life so much easier and that the AutoAnchor is up there with GPS.

          How do you drop your anchor?


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            usually i buy her a few drinks first...take her back to my place, THEN i drop the anchor
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              Looks like one of the simplest devices. If you have some spare time you can build one - just need an optical sensor. Mount it on an axle at winch, measure how long distance one rotation is on the chain. Plug the sensor in the PC. And in some software count the ticks. A relatively simple script would do it. Then interact this script with the GUI you are using. Simple, but you need your hands to grow from the right places