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No output on my BOSS CH350

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  • No output on my BOSS CH350

    Ok, I have tryed a few places and no help at all. My problem is I'm getting no output from my amp (BOSS CH350) 4 channel 400watt. Since im limited on the space in my dash I got rid of the stereo and tossed in my LCD and used a universal CD wireharness for the car and used the power line to power the LCD. Instead of ripping out all of the speaker cable in my car doors I just added more cable from the speaker terms on the wireharness and ran them under the floorboards to the trunk. I also had to end up running my power for the amp from the battery under the car and though a rubber gasket where the wiring for the fueltank and goes under the back seat to the trunk. I have the ground connected to the metal flooring under the back seat. I also have a 12volt line running from the LCD Ignition power going to the remote of the amp so the amp turns on when the key is set to accessory or when the car is running. The wire I used was two 4 gauge wires for power and ground and a 14 gauge for the remote. I got power and everything but no output from the computer. I'm using a RCA to headphone jack style cable from the speaker output on the motherboard to the amp. I also tryed using my iPod with this setup and nothing happens. Later today im plaing to hook up a set of speakers from a old stereo to test and see if there isn't some wireing issues with in the car's speaker wireing.

    Heres the specs of my amp for just in case no one knows the specs of the amp.
    Power Max 2ohms: 100W x 4
    power RMS 4 ohms: 40W x 4
    S/N Ratio: 90dB
    THD (at RMS output): 0.05%
    Channel Separation: 60dB
    Fuse Values: 15A x 1
    Dimensions: 6-15/16" (L)
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