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Basic: Swap Line In & Microphone

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  • Basic: Swap Line In & Microphone

    Hi there,

    Sorry, wasn't sure if this should go in car audio, or just general hardware.

    I've broken the line out connector on my incar laptop, so i'm using a little audio dongle, with a line out and a microphone socket. My laptop has a working onboard microphone socket.

    My D-Link USB radio needs a line in, or microphone socket to output the audio to the computer. I also want to use a regular microphone to make calls etc.

    Currently control panel allows me to choose between the two microphone ports as my main microphone port. Is there a way to swap one of the microphone ports, so it becomes my "line in" port, allowing me to use both the devices I want to use.

    Thanks for any help!

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    You may require a different usb sound card. I had some good results from a creative lab external usb sound card had a line in and a mic input.
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      Yeah, thanks - That's the conclusion I came to too, been perusing ebay for cheapo sound cards.