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  • Yeeha?

    Hey, I guess officially, I'm the new kid on campus, but before you get on with the hazing, let me tell you a little bit about my project.

    I own a 1985 Silverado. Got it for really cheap from my uncle two days before my beloved MR2 met its messy fate at the hands of a guard rail.

    I was going to buy another MR2 in short order, but was instead convinced to have a stereo system put in the truck instead, so now here I am, asking questions reguarding the second round of installation.

    I need to know if I'm going to have enough power with the engine idling in order for the system to play its heart out...


    Pioneer DEH-P880 deck
    Pioneer TS-SW1041D Subwoofer (x2)
    Pioneer XM Satellite Radio module
    Arc Audio FD4100 amp
    MB Quart 6.5" component set (Q's)
    MB Quart 5.25" component set (Premium's)


    Arc Audio FD600.1 amp (Signed by Chip Foose at a show recently)

    I have a 140amp alternator already in the truck. It produces 80amps at idle. I'm making a conservative guess and saying that the system will be drawing close to 100amps while I annoy everyone within a 100' radius of my truck. I'm just trying to figure out what the best method for delivering the additional power needs is going to be.

    Was thinking about a Kinetik batt. and maybe a cap killer for good measure, but I want some other opinions before I drop $400 on those parts...

    Oh yeah... let the hazing comence?

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    I don't see anything in there about a PC....are you putting a PC in your ride?

    This IS a CarPC forum you know...

    thread moved to Car Audio.
    Jan Bennett
    FS: VW MKIV Bezel for 8" Lilliput - 95% Finished

    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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      Ehh, sorry.