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VW iPod Connector -- need hack

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  • VW iPod Connector -- need hack

    had a store-bought connector in the last VW, could control the ipod click wheel and naviage thru the menus via the ipod, or skip tracks via the VW unit. Just bought new VW and had the dealer install "iPod Connector". VW's version disallows control thru the iPod, forces a limted use of pre-set playlists, cannot select albums or artists on the go.

    Does anyone know of a hack to get around the limited control?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Honestly you would be better off searching for this topic in a VW forum. another alternative that I would suggest would be to look around and scour this site for information on a carpc. There will be no need of the ipod in the car then. You will be able to navigate to which ever album you want easier then the Ipod.
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      I'm an '06 VW Owner. The answer is no, there is no way to hack it. I would suggest two other alternatives in addition to a carpc as mentioned by boomin. Get an aux adapter for the VW radio. Using this will allow you to control the Ipod via the Ipod, but you won't be able to skip tracks on the headunit. You'll need to also skip tracks from the Ipod which is a downside. If you keep the Ipod in the glovebox with that setup which I would assume you would, one "hack" you could do is to get one of many remote control solutions for the Ipod and and run an IR extender wire from the sensor in the glovebox to anywhere that the remote could see the end of it (many people run into an AC vent). The other idea is get a VW Phatbox which connects into the same jack as your current Ipod adapter. A phatbox makes life WAY easier if you're not ready to move in to CarPC world. It's what I used... until I moved into CarPC world.
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