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high vs low input on amps

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  • high vs low input on amps

    which should be used with a carputer? a buddy of mine said it would be better to use the high level inputs rather than low level. i had planne don using low until he mentioned it to me. i dont know the difference so can anyone tell me?


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    A High level input is an input that can receive a powered signal, like a headphone jack from an ipod, or speaker outputs.

    A low level is the opposite, no power just a signal. (Pre amp)

    If you connect a powered signal (like from a headphone jack) to a low level input, you will do damage to your amp, or whatever low level input you are connecting it to.


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      Ok let me put this straight. There is a major difference between High level input and Low Level input for an amplifer. Mainly it has to do with the output of the signal source. This can usually be determined by the type of wire/cable used, because of the amount of current the type of wires are capable of transmiting. I'll give you a simple explination between the two:

      "HIGH LEVEL" inputs should only be used when the source you are connecting to is from an amped source, i.e. non-premium factory headunit's speaker lines. Due to the high amout of current running through those lines, the wires are typically between 20-16 gauge.

      "LOW LEVEL" inputs refer to connecting from a source which is "pre-amped," i.e. RCA connections, and 1/8" plugs. Due to the low amount of current running through those lines within the cable, the wires inside the cable(depending on the quality of the cable) may be smaller than 20 gauge.

      Unless you have an amplified sound card, which by looking at your specs, I'm assuming you dont. So simply put, High level uses speaker wires, Low level uses cables.
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        ah, that makes perfect sense. my buddy said something similar to that only left out many details because he wasnt sure. thanks for clearing this up for me!