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Turtle Beach Roadie Problem...tripping amp shutoff

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  • Turtle Beach Roadie Problem...tripping amp shutoff

    -pentium m laptop(specs shouldnt matter for my problem)
    -Carnetix 2140 with remote out to 2 amps
    -1 Audiocrap(audiobahn) 350 RMS Amp
    -1 Sony 4 channel 240 RMS Amp

    Kinda long but please help!

    Since the roadie has been discontinued there are not to many places I can go for help with this...

    The problem I am having is when the Carnetix trips on the amps by the remote output, the Sony's power protector light comes on solid red and no sound comes out of any of the speakers. The Audiobahn however comes on and runs fine. However, if I disconnect the RCA inputs coming from the amp and going INTO the roadie cable, THEN turn on the car the Sony amp will power up and then I can hook the RCA cables back into the roadie cable and the speakers will work. According to the manual for my amp the power protecter light usually comes on when the speakers have a short in them but if this was the case then wouldnt the amp trip itself off when I plugged the speakers back in AFTER starting the car up??????

    Little more info on the setup...
    I am using the supplied 5.1 surround sound cable that came supplied with the roadie. The roadie setup is Laptop>>>>Roadie>>>>Cable>>>>3 outputs>>> connected to the two amps (1 output for the sub which is powered by the Audiobahn, 1 output to the Rear speakers that are driven by the sony and the other output is for the front speakers that are also powered by the sony.)

    One thing I have not tried yet is hooking the two RCA outputs from the sony directly to my laptop sound jack via a Y adapter and then seeing if my sony still trips off. Will give this a try tonight.


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    Well I fixed my problem
    By the way I love the Carnetix 2140!!!!!

    What I ended up doing was setting the remote delay on the 2140 through the PSUmoni software to about 30 seconds which gave my computer long enough time to boot up. Then the remote signal is sent to my amp to turn on and voilla!!!! Works like a charm now!

    So if anyone else ever has this problem all you have to do is delay the remote trip on long enough to let the sound card boot up with the computer.