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  • Digital Crossover and EQ

    Yes I've read the Wiki article and the FAQ, I've downloaded a lot of programs, drivers, music players, plugins, and the works, but it just doesn't completely make sense to me. Obviously there is a heck of a lot of stuff you can do...but I just need a basic say 31 band EQ, and a crossover, that I can configure and just have them run in the background while I use roadrunner (runs off winamp) to browse music.

    I found a 31 band EQ that runs off of VST in winamp, that's great, exactly what I'm looking for. How do I get it to load up automatically with winamp and save the settings so I dont have to go to the menu and configure my plugins and reset all the sliders every time my computer turns on?


    I downloaded the crossover plugin for foobar2000 listed in the software tuning thread, which is exactly what I need, but it doesn't work for winamp, and winamp is all that works with my frontend, RoadRunner. Is there a crossover program that just runs separately that will process audio coming from all programs on your computer, or a way to filter all audio from your computer through the foobar2000 plugin?

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    First, you will need either a card that has ASIO drivers or use ASIO4ALL with Virtual Audio cable.

    To use more then one plugin you need a VST host that connects them together. Console does this.

    For your crossover, you would need to use Frequency Allocator Full or Lite.

    Then you load all the VST plug-ins into Console and connect them together.

    As we have told a few people so far, Guides/Tutorials are in the works. See here

    What soundcard are you using? There might be an easier way if you have an older Creative Audigy/Live Card.
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      i am new here, but i have a similar interest. maybe this is repetitive, but i have spent a few days looking through here as well

      I just finished a custom install of a 3way active frontstage plus sub in my car and am noticing that a carpc has much more potential for use per cost than an alpine processor.

      i have decided to save up for a carpc and will be using a audiocontrol 4xs in the meantime for crossover duty.

      i wondered why the convolver program for windows is not mentioned more often. it claims to do DRC with very little processor use, as well as time delay and active crossover with up to 8 channels (similar to brutefir)

      basically - the alpine processor plus DRC, with many more possibilities.

      Also, the ability to use an existing audio source would be of interest as well for digital/analog in. Although i am not sure what kind of signal degredation you would be talking about there.

      While using the carpc for everything is ok, more flexibility would be nice as well.

      i am very interested in the 8 channel DAC under development as well

      I think that most car audio SQ enthusiasts will turn to a carpc once a realistic cost effective replacement is available


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        I'm running a Creative Audigy SE PCI sound card


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          ooh. So close. Too bad you don't have an original Audigy, then you could use the kxdrivers instead to do your crossovers and time delay and use a VST EQ in winamp.

          So you can't get it to save your EQ settings? That's weird. It always saved mine when I was experimenting. Myabe try a differnt EQ. I don't know.
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            Well getting a new soundcard is an option if that's the only way to do it.

            What's a good, reasonably priced card that is compatible with the kX drivers?

            I thought my Audigy SE was supported by the kX drivers, I actually already have them installed, I just have absolutely no clue how to use them. I can't seem to find any of the features I'm looking for.


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              Also this computer I'm posting on has a Creative Audigy 2 ZS in it, I would be willing to swap them out if this card happens to be compatible.


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                jmelan: Convolver is a great product. But, you need a FIR filter in order to use it. And, making a FIR filter to correct the audio in a car is very tricky for 2 reasons: a channel usually has two (or more) speakers separated by a large distance and there is a lot of reflected sound inside a car. These 2 things make it very difficult to invert the cars impulse response without getting a lot of pre-echo out of the convolver. It can be done, but it involves a trade-off between how much of the time-frequency plane you want to correct, how much phase correction you get, and how much pre-echo you generate. I have a web page describing this in more detail that I posted here once, but it generated no interest.


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                  spoonraker: convolver has a vst version that you may be able to use with winamp - a 4-way crossover with 8 channel T/A does not look like it would be too difficult to configure, i am not sure what you need.

                  also, someone on avsforum recomended the auzentech x-meridian for a high quality sound card - 8 channel analog 5Vrms signal - no kxproject compatibility though

                  digital correct: very interesting. i am going to check out your thread now


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                    Sorry we didn't respond to your thread DigitalCorrect (Actually I think RED did), I remember reading your page from a link someone posted in the DIYaudio forums on the howtoXO thread. It's just not a solution that works for us. Similar to Acourate by Uli. Here's the problem:

                    1) I have a huge music collection as well as many of us do. To convert the music and save it to disk is ALOT of work. And this doesn't work at SQ competions. You are required to use their CD. WHat happens if you change something? Then you have to reconvert ALL the music again? Yikes!

                    2) BruteFIR/Convolver is for coders and programmers. I would rather have something I can change on the fly in real time. How am I supposed to tune with bruteFIR or convolver in the car? The car is not anything like home audio. It's a completey different animal. MOST Automatic RTA's don't even work in a car if you ask people who know about what it takes to get Great sound in car. You can use it to help you tune, but I would never rely on it to make corrections for me.

                    If you have had good luck with DRC anc convolver and bruteFIR then cool. We were looking for something that mimics current car aduio gear but takes it a step beyond for more flexibility and ease of use. Ease of use is a major key factor. Like I said again, if this method worked well for you cool, but I think most of are looking for something else. The ASIO and VST plugins are very powerful.



                    I added the soundblaster compatibilty list to the wiki under the KXproject driver method. Check it out. Yes your Audigy 2 will work. If i were you switch the two cards. I'll see if I can post up some basic guide on what plugins to use inside the DSP section of the kxproject drivers this weekend but I am not promising anything.
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                      Alright durwood, thanks for the info and the update. I'm new to the advanced sound quality stuff. I know plenty about installation and basic theory, but I've never really delved into advanced tuning and software. Thanks again for the help.

                      Hopefully all this work will pay off, I just got these new speakers and want to get the most out of them.


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                        Your are correct - DRC and convolution is not for the faint-of-heart. And, it certainly would be of no use in competitions. So, I agree that the approach is not for everyone. But, if someone really wants to get an understanding of acoustics, digital signal processing, and measurement, then this will do it.

                        If one has a computer in his car, then his music can be processed realtime, and doesn't have to be converted in advance. With no car computer, he can get the same effect by pre-processing his music.


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                          ^I agree.


                          I finally got this guide put together. It's a little rough but it should get you started. I might have to refine some of my wording a bit but hopefully this should help.

                          BenOS- If you are out there here is your guide too


                          You can discuss this method down i the wiki section of the forum.

                          System always under construction