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3 x 2-channel or 1 x 6-channel?

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  • 3 x 2-channel or 1 x 6-channel?


    first of all my setup is something like this:
    Right and left front door:
    1x6.5" Proson speaker
    1x5.25" Proson Speaker

    Right and left back door:
    1x5.25" Proson Speaker

    Rear window thingy (dunno what it's called in english actually)
    2x 6x9" Sony X-plod

    2x12" Proson Subs

    So, thats the speakers, right now I'm powering them with 3 different amp's thats 2x120W and it's working great, front doors to one, rear doors and the sony's to one and the sub's to the last one gives me a pretty nice 4.1 sound!

    Now on the other hand I've started to think about changing all those "noname" amps for maybe something better and found a dealer that could set me up with a cheap JBL 6-channel!
    The question is if it's really worth it... right now I have 120W to each channel but that one only gives 60, sure my amps are older and maybe not working to 100%, but less than 50%... I hope not!

    So, what u all think?
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