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sound cuts out when i try to change volume

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  • sound cuts out when i try to change volume

    Ok so before i got the search police on this forum... i ALREADY did and couldnt find the results i was looking for...

    so im asking

    When i load up RR it will pick up the sound level that i shut down at.. now when i hit + or - the sound goes all the way down to 0 and i have to keep hitting + to get it u

    the Volume bar even says its like 90% when the sound is really 0%, i have been able to live with it.. but its one of those annoying things...

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    This is likely a software glitch. A problem with RR, not a car audio issue. You'll get much better help posting it in the RR forum in software. Guino will be all over this in a virgin minute.
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