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HELP!! Aftermarket HU in a 98 Jeep ZJ w/stock infinity sys.

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  • HELP!! Aftermarket HU in a 98 Jeep ZJ w/stock infinity sys.

    I go to install my aftermarket head unit and i get everything hardwired and sound comes out and everything, when i turn the volume, all the guages and lights flicker and sometimes the headunit says protect. There are 2 wires that were seperate from the 2 harnesses in their own harness (2 wires) they are purple and white/black... where do they go? also some wires were also questionable.. infinity amp wire (which is it?) power antenna wire, power continued wire...has anyone installed an aftermarket head unit into a 98 ZJ with the infinity system? does anybody have the ACTUALLY CORRECT WIRING DIAGRAM? is completely wrong, and no other websites have it. do i need an adapter such as this?: (part CHYAH) does ANYONE know whything about this?? I had a professioal here who couldnt figure out the problem we had it all up and running. please help me i need this installed by tomorrow.

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    I would say check for proper continuity and ensure all the cables are insulated properly from each other. Sounds like maybe there is a protection feature for crossed speaker wires or something of the sort. has a lot of wiring diagram information.