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    Hey guys,

    Got a problem with getting my sub woofer to work:

    I've got a 97 Lexus SC 300, Car PC with VIA SP 13000 Motherboard. So far I got everything to work except the sub woofer. I am using the factory amps 1 for front/rear speakers and 1 for sub woofer. There is a diagram of my car stereo system here:

    I am am also using the following adapter to get the front/rear working: adapter

    So in order to get the sub woofer working I thought I can just tap into the woofer +/- input and plug the other end in the PC. So I bought a speaker to RCA cable from radioshack:

    I then tapped into the +/- input of subwoofer (D1, D5 in diagram above) and plugged the RCA into the PC with RCA-2-1/8 Phone plug. Using the Smart 5.1 Support on motherboard it plugs into the MIC jack.

    The result is I get the sub woofer to work unfortunately it seem to be playing something totally unrelated to the music out of the PC. The volume of the woofer cannot be controlled from the PC and the mute on the PC does not seem to stop the woofer either.

    Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong or suggest something I can try to get this thing to work please.

    Thanks a lot!

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    There's a jumper on the motherboard that determines the functionality of the audio ports. I think you need to locate that jumper and change that setting.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Well, I just went through the motherboard manual and did not find anything about jumpers controlling the jacks. Looks like it is controlled by software only and it seems to work since my aux input is outputting the rear channels ok.


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        I think that is a MONO plug and i really dont understand how you are running this wiring setup as it is.
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          I am not sure what you don't understand, but here is a little more information:

          The adapter has:

          AMP Turn on that I am running to PC 12V
          Accessory 12V that I am also running to PC 12V
          4 RCA plugs (2 front, 2 rear) I am using a RCA splitter cable to make 2 plugs into 1 for front and rear. So now I have 2 RCA wires running (1 rear, 1 front) and then I connect them with RCA-2-1/8 phone adapter into the PC.

          When the PC turns on with ignition it also turns on the amp via the adapter. The front and rear speakers work fine via the RCAs in the adapter.

          Could it be that mu AMP for sub woofer does not turn on? Looking at the stereo system diagram would I need to run constant 12V to A4 to get the sub amp to turn on you think?

          Even if it is a MONO plug it should still function should it not? Plus it is the same as the RCA plugs in the adapter and they seem to be stereo.

          Any ideas?