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  • Custom Amp maybe....

    Right first hello im new and this is an awesom forum spent many an hour on here lurking.

    now im thinking of installing a carpc using the double din subaru adapter with a liliput in the front and have it all planned but the problem i have is the amp.

    obviously i cant wire the car speakers upto the pc mainboard so any ideas on whats best to do. Ive seem some amp kits around from places like like the amp9 which is a 4 channel amp but would that do the job? is there a better option?

    you get the idea just want some opinions really from the crowd who have done this kinda thing before.

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    well, pretty much any 4channel amp can be hooked up for your CarPC, please use the search feature, it'll be much easier. All you need to do is use the audio outputs off of the PC, go from 3.5mm headphone jack to RCAs and plug the RCA's into your amp... there are thousands of different 4ch amps available from numerous companies... it's all your personal preference