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what type of amp for my car pc..

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  • what type of amp for my car pc..

    Hello all,

    First of all my car specs:

    Jetway via c7 1.5ghz mini itx with pcmcia
    pioneer 5900 - not sure of the exact model number ..
    rockford fosgate p312d2 - 12 inches 1800W max 600W rms sub.
    intending to buy=- rockford amp p600.1 ???

    curent setup puts the output from pc to deck via the audio in/aux at the back of the deck. I would ideally like decent sound.

    I am seeking advice about a few things...

    1) should i go for a mono sub amp for 12" ? and a seperate amp for rear speakers? or shud i go for a 4 channel amp ? also what specifications..

    2) I know there is a way but i am not sure as to how.. but I would like to control the subs/amp via the computer.. how can i do that ?

    3) is there a way so that i have to use the deck just for fm transmision and cd player... and all the audio tweakings can be done via pc. THe deck has a lot of controls for sound.

    4) I still havent hooked up everything together.. but what sort of sound quality am i looking at.. and if not decent how do i improve it ?

    i think that's it for now..

    your response will be greatly appreciated..

    this is going in a 2003 civic sport...


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    my integrated sound card... specs..

    1) Software Audio Controller with Onboard 6-Channel CODEC Compliant to AC 97'
    2) Support 3D Surround & Positioning, Full Duplex


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      1.There are amps out there which are 5 channell. Liek the New eD amp that came out, im not a fan of eD but it does look promising. You would use the 1st 2 channels for your frontstage then the next 2 channels for rear(if you want rear) and the 5th channel for a sub.

      2. There isnt a lot of control going on from a carputer to the soundstage control aside from a soundcard upgrade. However, there are a few Sound Processors that can be controlled via computer. I know the RF 360.2 recently came out with a PC software to use instead of the PDA..via bluetooth. But the 360.2 lacks 4-way . Also the Alto Mobile Drive 30 sound processor/crossover has software to control it via Serial

      3. Use a HU with an auxiliary input, u can switch from CD to Tuner to Aux. or if you do have a sound processor use its AUX(most usually have an extra 1 i believe) and have the HU as well.

      4. Well this question can be answered by RedGTis signature...."The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten"
      screen name here use to be MegaloRESE15"


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        1. It depends on the sub you get, cause if you get more than 300W, you might want separate amp.

        2. softwares

        3. If you do this you dont have to control via de PC, but you can get everything throu the pc, just add fm reciver and a dvd rom.

        4. as much as you pocket can get, you can have a studio in your car.
        Design [000000000-]90%
        Parts [000-------]30%