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  • lots of noise

    im running a dell latitude c600 laptop (no screen) with a dell car adapter with no battery. when computer is running in my house through a normal monitor there is no noise through the monitor and sound output. but, when in my car i get a bunch of noise(lines) through my lilliput 619 touch and with nothing being played on the computer there is a lot of static/noise through the speakers in my car. after about a minute the car radio turns the AUX channel off. Im guessing because of the noise signal on top of the audio may make too much of a load and the safety parameters in the radio turn off the channel. i have a '06 bmw X3 with the bmw AUX kit. when i play my zune through the same wires its clear with no noise, and the channel never switches off.

    i tried running a extension cord to my car and ran the computer with the convention AC converter and still noise through the audio output

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    A likely place to start would be to test different locations of the signal wires. In my car ('02 Toyota) I had to move the audio signal cables from the driver's side door sill to the passenger's side to rid myself of a lot of noise in the system.


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      thanks for the reply
      if a EMF was effecting the signal wouldn't it be effecting it while the zune was playing?


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        fixed the noise problem, was a bad audio card driver