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Underbody exterior sound deadening

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  • Underbody exterior sound deadening

    Well, I think I am obsessed with trying to reduce road noise.

    After sitting in either one of my parent's cars and then sitting in my own, the road noise is sooooo much more in my car. I have already done my trunk lid, 2 rear doors so far with Blueskin, and its a bit smelly. I am going to wait a month to see how things go before I decide on what material to use on my front doors and trunk. I am already thinking for more methods to reduce roide noise some more.

    Today, I went to Canadian Tire. I saw this undercoating thing which comes in a tub and is advertised as to reducing road noise. I have noticed that alot of my road noise comes from my wheel wells, so I would like to apply this stuff there. I would also probably try to apply this stuff to the underbody of my car. I am wondering if anyone has experience using this undercoating stuff? Can you just use a paintbrush to apply it on? Will it drip? Im afraid of this suff dripping and covering all over my springs. Also, the underbody and wheel wells of my car are covering in alot of mud, and its stuck on pretty hard. I am guessing I would need to somehow get rid of the mud before applying.

    So who has experience with this stuff?

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    Most of those undercoating products are two thin to do much sound deadenening, particularly if they come in a spray can. Second Skin's liquids are suggested for exterior use. I've had shome on the exterior surfaces of my wheel wells for more than a year without problems. Works quite well.
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      I would spent the time and money taking the interior out of your car, pulling up the carpet and padding and laying down some material on the inside first.

      You are probably looking at the same amount of time and possibly more benefits.

      I'd imagine you would have to throughly clean the undercarage of your car first before applying that spray on stuff.
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        I came across this thread where the guy claimed exceptional results just by doing the wheel wells:

        quote: "but boy it made a huge!!! difference in road noise. Almost all of the noise in my car now comes from my engine and the windows."

        The reason why I am interested in this is because I have noticed that most of my noise is coming from the doors and the wheel wells. This process wont be too time consuming for me, since I will need to take off my tires and rotate them before the winter anyways.


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          Wheel wells do contribute to alot of noise. But doing it right and doing it easy are very different things, Cheap asphalt products are a no go.

          Also a closed cell foam is needed to truly help road noise and quiet the cabin down. Look at Raamat Ensolite or Secondskin Overkill / Luxury Liner
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