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USB Soundblaster Live optimization

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  • USB Soundblaster Live optimization

    I search and see people keep talking about the kx drivers. I went to their FAQ and it says...
    Q: Does kX Driver support SB Live! 24 Bit, Extigy, Audigy2 NX, Audigy LS, USB, Firewire or AC97 audio hardware?

    A: NO. These cards are not compatible and there will be NO support for them.
    Is this true? Could perhaps one of you smarties here at mp3car found/made a version that does?

    Also, someone post this...
    you could go with a soundblaster live 5.1 pci card and an audio control eq/line driver
    Where can i find one of these eq/line drivers?

    Are there any other ways to optimize the sound of my USB live that i havent found yet? Please share all tips on this product here! THANKS

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    nope. the kxdriver doesn't work with those cards because the actual dsp processor chip is not the same chip. Sorry.

    linedrivers: (Pretty much the standard)
    or just search. Most are older units that you will have to find used. All it does is bump up the signal voltage going to your amps.
    System always under construction


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      wow, okay, i thought i was getting a grasp on this whole audio quality thing but wtf...

      i was thinking, kx drivers, and eq/line drivers meant... DRIVERS. as in the little files you download that control the interaction between your computer and its devices.

      these line drivers you're talking about are pieces of hardware. why would you need a sound card, an amp, AND another piece of hardware? whats that do? seems like overkill.

      also, is there any software tricks to optimize the USB external soundblaster live??


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        hahaha ya I can see how that is confusing when you are thinking in terms of computers and then switch gears to car audio and realize it's a piece of hardware. Linedrivers are not neccesary unles you are picking up noise along the way. If you excercise proper wiring or your computer/soundcard is located in the trunk close to your amps, its not needed at all IMO.

        No reall "tricks" to optimize the SQ of a Soundblaster Live card. YOu can use the bassmanagement feature, but other than that it doens't do much anything else. No Time alignment, no fancy eq (Unless you use the winamp vst plugin bridge with a 31 band vst eq).
        System always under construction