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  • 2005 Grand am Subs

    Hey everyone. I have an '05 Pontiac Grand am with the Monsoon system. I am simply looking to add my subs to the car. I have everything from an old car and i just want to tap into the monsoon. I ran power and everything to the sub amp (aftermarket) but i am having trouble finding an ignition/remote wire to tell the amp to turn on. From reading, i found out that the monsoon amp does not have a remote wire (it monitors voltage or something to turn on) and i couldnt find a remote wire on the back of the monsoon head unit. Any ideas where I can find a remote wire to turn on my amp?

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    if you have a power antenna you can splice into that for your remote turn on for the amp


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      I always thought the Monsoon systems had a factory amplifier. If so, then your factory HU should have some sort of remote wire.
      If not, you could always splice in a lead from an ACC source, like the cigarette lighter, then wire a switch inline to the amp. That way, you could turn your amp on and off with a switch, but still not have to worry about the amp drawing current away from your battery if you forgot to turn off the switch. This would also eliminate the loud "POP" that is associated with an amp kicking on and off with just the ACC source.
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        Keep in mind though that the cig lighter may be constant on those cars. The best place is to either get your remote line on that car would probably be in the IGN harness or if you want to cheat the fuse box at an IGN controlled device ie your wipers. But remember to fuse your line and if you are so inclined use a relay to protect your wires.
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          Just Put the Remote line to the Fuse box on the Driver Side, to one of the Fuse's that turn on with the car.. For Example, I have my amps turned on when my window Fuse turns on, which is when I have the ACC on, car, etc etc...