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    I have recently purchased a new truck, and am in the process of upgrading the audio system, and installing my car PC in it.

    From my previous system, I am moving the following components
    • 1xPhoenix Gold 125Wx4 amplifier
    • 2xMB Quart Discus 5.25" speakers
    • 1xMB Quart 8" Sub
    I am installing this into a 2005 Ford F150 SuperCrew. I will need to add a few items to complete the system, however.

    This is the list I have compiled
    • Head Unit - Kenwood Excelon KDC-X591
    • - Kenwood KCA-ip500 IPOD control
    • Speakers - Polk db5250 Components Speakers
    • Sub Amp - Profile HA700M 200Wx1 RMS
    • Power Distribution - Streetwires SBR44a 4 AGU
    • Ground Distribution - StreetWires DBX3448

    I have no experience with the Profile amp, but several people have suggested it as a good and inexpensive amp to run a single subwoofer. I have had fairly good luck with Polk speakers in the past, and when I listened to a set they sounded a bit better than my MB Quart Discus speakers. I intend to install the Polk speakers in the front doors, and put the MB Quart in the rear doors. The sub woofer will be mounted in a box under the rear seat.

    The door speakers will all be powered by the Phoenix Gold amp, and the sub by the mono amp. I will be running 4ga power from the battery to the distribution block, and 8 gauge to each amp, and the carPC. I will use the other distribution block for Ground. The Phoenix Gold amp will be installed behind the panel containing the radio and environmental controls (their is a lot of empty space there). The Mono amp will be installed somewhere, possibly in the same space, if I can easily ventilate the space without damaging the truck, otherwise it will be under one of the seats.

    Any observations and recommendations? Has anyone had particular success or particular problems with the components listed?

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    I'm observing no computer....

    You do realize that this forum is focused on installing PCs in vehicles, right?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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      The computer will be moving from my previous system as well.

      It has the following specifications
      - Epia M10000 / C1 1Ghz
      - 512MB RAM
      - 120GB hdd
      - USB Bluetooth, USB Gps, PCI 802.11B

      This system has been in use for some time in my other vehicle. This post was seeking advice about the additional components I want to purchase.


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        I don't know about profile. I have always seen them as flea-market quality. What's your budget? 200w? What's the power rating on your sub and impedance? I could give a who slew of options but without knowing more details it's hard to suggest. just need a few more details and I'd be glad to post some ideas.

        Edit: I'm guessing you are looking for something on the cheaps. I'd rather buy this.
        System always under construction


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          The MB Quart 8" sub is
          * Peak Power Handling: 300 Watts
          * RMS Power Handling: 150 Watts
          * Frequency Response 28 - 300
          * Impedance 4 ohm
          * Dual Voice Coils
          * Recommended box 1 (Vb) 0,50 cu ft. sealed
          * Sensitivity 2,8dB

          I am looking to spend less than $1000.00 total, though the less I spend the better. The listed components come to around 550.