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  • Some please help me?

    I just got my brothers subs and amps. They are 2 12 inc eclipse subs and 2 1000wat amps, it is all hooked up and everything is where it shood be. Butt yesterday it ran the subs for over an hour no problems... Today i ran them for about 20 mins and one started to cut out, and then they both stopped. I popped my trunk to see what was rong and there was a noting, they were a little hot butt not bad. Now when i try to turn the subs on they will go for a little bit and then shut off. Can anyone please help me with this?

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    And we're supposed to diagnose this.. HOW?

    First of all, is all about installing computers into vehicles. While many members are very well versed in car audio, you're still FAR more likely to get a timely response on a forum devoted to car audio.

    Second, you provided no details whatsoever that would aid in troubleshooting your situation. "everything is where it shood be" doesn't mean a damn thing to most of us, and we have no idea how accurate or inaccurate that statement is.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      There could be a whole lot of reasons for that, as previous poster said, we need a whole lot more info than that to find the fault.


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        x2 what they said, plus my guess is your 2 "1000watt" amps are actually much less and have begun to crap out. I only say that because you mentioned eclipse subs but failed to mention an amplifier brand name, if it says legacy, pyramid, etc... 9 times out of 10, thats your problem.
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          you probably blew one of them, or its improperly wired to the amp. either way the amps will go into a protection mode and shut down. if its both then it could be a power supply issue or a loose signal cable. we need more info, or you could swing by an audio shop and they might check it for free


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            If you really are running (2) 1000 watt RMS amps on a factory charging system at or anywhere near their rated power, that will work....for about twenty minutes. Checked voltage on the battery lately?
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              What does "turn on the subs" mean? Are your amps on when "(the subs) shut off"? Maybe just having one "1000W" amp would be enough for both subs, both is probably too much power draw. What size wire are you running? Does it go to the battery?

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