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03Honda Accord-How Do I wire another head unit plus keep dual climate stock head unit

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  • 03Honda Accord-How Do I wire another head unit plus keep dual climate stock head unit

    I have a 03 honda accord coupe with dual climate control which means my air conidtion settings is displayed through my head unit.I purchased a stereo install kit to install a headunit below the existing one where the current hideaway compartment is. My question is how do I wire both of them so that they both function yet they dont interfer with one another while still keeping my air conditioning functions working. Should I wire the aftermarket bottom head unit power source to my 12 volt ciggerete liter or splice the wires to the existing power wires and speaker wires. I heard if you splice them together neither will work Any suggestions please. Im installing this extra head unit because I have a amp and subed hooked up and want to run to an aftermarket headunit which has more eq options thus provides better sound and bumb. Could just get an RCA or whatever you call it hook up to the stock head unit but doesnt allow me to eq the sound right. Here is a link to what my setup looks like with the 2 head units just concerd about wiring. THX ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE APPRECIATED.

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    This forum is dedicated to installing carpcs and you might get a better or quicker answer from a dedicated car audio forum or a honda forum. There may be users that can help you but I would hate for you to have to wait around for an answer.
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      you just reach up underneath the factory headunit and unplug the radio connector and plug it into the aftermarket radio harness like any other car. the temp controls etc will continue to work, but the factory radio won't


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        Also, if you are planning on installing a carputer you might be able to wire the HVAC controls directly into the computer. Search around, I remember reading something about that a while ago.


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          ...and if you find out how, please report back to the legions of current Honda/Acura owners who would be interested in such a thing.
          I have too much time and too little aggravation in my life, so I built a carPC. ;)


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            To respond to to ccjustin. I understand I could just unplug the stock radio plug and connect that plug with a wiring harness to the aftermarket but if the stock radio does not power on then I can not see my air condition control displays the power of the air and the location in which the air comes out is displayed on the head unit. If I only unplug the radio plug would the headunit just be blank or would its other controls work besides the radio. Thx tried to make that as clear as possible


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              the kit that replaces the pocket below the radio came out long before the one that replaces the temp controls and the radio. I've installed many of the pocket ones and a couple of the full swap kits, one with dual zone. when you use the pocket kit the display for the temp controls is normal as ever, when you hit the audio power button nothing happens, its like its not there. The complete swap with the dual zone adapter is around 200 if you wanted to go that route

              and the dual zone adapter is 70-7864-dz