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    hey every one. ive installed a 600watt pioneer amp in my van and its getting hot way to fast. what do i need to do to find out what the problem is? circut city said i had too many speakers running to the same channel. its a 4 channel amp but ive only got 1 set of rcas running from my head unit. and 2 6 by 9s are wired to the radio and 2 to the amp so im not understanding where the heats coming from. and i have 2 subwoofers i want to hook to the amp but im afraid ill burn the amp if i keep running it.

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    I a 600w pioneer 4 channel amp also and im running all 4 of my 5x7 speakers to it and they run incredibly. I dont think you really need to run 2 through the head unit and 2 through the amp. It might also depend on what gauge wire your running to your amp. I have 4 gauge running up to a distribution block which splits into 4 gauge for my sub amp and 8 gauge for the amp( the 8 gauge is only running baout 3 feet though. Also, what gauge wire do you have running from the amp to your speakers? you really need at least 16 gauge (standard speaker wire) Finally check the impedence on your speakers and what your amp is rated at. Dont forget that depending on how they are wired (parallel vs. series) changes the impedence. Here is a sight that might help you decide what wire you need.

    Unless your on a budget, runng your subs on a seperate amp will really make a big difference. Hope this helps a little bit since we have the same pioneer amp.


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