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    I've heard multiple answers from multiple sources.

    1. Will a 2007 jetta hold a double-din stereo or not? (some say yes, some say no)
    2. Any links/advice on removing dash panesl (stereo surround, etc.)
    3. Any links/advice on running cable (0 gauge amp cables, etc. etc.)


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    1. With the appropriate dash kit. Scosche VW2317B
    2-3. I'm not familiar with that car yet, but it doesnt look like it uses Euro Keys, but most dash kits come with instructions on dissassembly to get to the deck. Advice, have fun, most late model VWs are becoming harder to disassemble. You are going to want to get some Torx-bits, if you dont already have some. You may have some better luck on a dedicated VW forum.
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      im not sure about the o7 jetta, but the mk4 uses a lot of t20 screws, and other then that, you just pull the stuff off.
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        Hey I have an MKV Jetta that I installed a carputer in. Not very bad stuff but definitely takes some planning and deliberate moves. PM and we can talk AIM or by phone since its easiest that way. I'll list the basics below:

        1) Metra and a few other companies make a dash kit for the Jetta that has two single din mounts in it, a tray and and single din opening. If you pop the tray out and cut the bar in between it is a double din unit as well so yes they make a double din dash kit for the car. I have a 7 inch screen in my car, well out of my car but thats another story. My carputer broke since I used crappy parts so I put the old radio back in. Hopefully I have time this week to install the new carputer. Anyways I'm not sure an 8 inch screen would fit so I think you may be stuck with a 7 inch screen at this point.

        2) Removing dash panels is somewhat tedious. The car uses a lot of torx screws, infact I want to say all the screws are torx screws with some metal and plastic clips mixed in. Its hard to take apart the whole dash but you can easily take apart the necessary parts to run wire. The glove box assembly, whole center radio console comes apart for the most part (front vent comes off and thats where the clips are). Plastic below the steering column comes off and the door sills come off which is where its easiest to run wire. There are very good guides at for installing an amp sub combo with pictures and all. Go to

        3) Running wires is pretty easy once you take apart the sills and the rear seats. If you have a manual transmission there is a factory cable pass through to the engine bay almost directly behind the clutch. In an automatic car is between the brake pedal and the dead pedal. Just poke a hole in it and run the cable through and it will come out right behind/below the battery tray in the engine. Then run power down the driver side door sills. Tap the fuse box for the accessory line and use the grounding points in the trunk for your amp ground. In the trunk the carpet comes out once you remove the rear seats (really easy to do by the way, also in the guide above). There is a lot of room for wires in this car so its easy once its apart.

        4) Look into buying new speakers for the car. There is definitely a sound improvement over the stock head unit when you run an amp but the bass in the front seats is suppressed by the stock crossover. I did not replace the factory speakers and I wish I had. I may go back and do it later but it really makes me mad that I didn't do it when I had the time and the money. I run an alpine F250 amp. Their entry level 4 channel amp. Sounds a whole lot better than the stock head unit but now the speakers are the weak point. That area is still somewhat new though because I haven't found much info on what speaker combo is the best for this car.

        Hope that helps, PM if you want any additional info. Goodluck!


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          I've got an 07 Jetta, where exactly is the factory amp? Under the drivers seat? Thanks