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Lexus RX300 and Car Pc Help Please

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  • Lexus RX300 and Car Pc Help Please

    Hello All, I am needing some advise on something. I have been reading and reading to no avail. I have done the Ipod mod on my RX300. I cut into the wires near the external cd changer and put in a 4 pole relay like I have seen posted on the forums. When I plug my Ipod in it sounds fantastic. Near cd quality. No noise or hum when paused. Pefect. But when I try to plug the aux input into my Car Pc's internal sound card there is noise and it sounds very bad. I understand it's because the RX300 is balanced audio and the Car Pc is unbalanced audio. What I need is a device to put between the Aux in and the Car Pc so the audio is matched perfectly. So I am asking for suggestions for the best device to buy. (or Build)
    For your info I have the Mini-ITX Epia M10000 with Xenarc 8" touchscreen
    running Roadrunner. Thanks, Mike

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    Often, it is necessary to connect a balanced output to an unbalanced input, or vice-versa. The 100% correct and official way to do this is via a transformer or an electronic converter made from an op-amp. There are also some reasonably-priced ICs especially designed for the task - check out the SSM2141/2/3 from Analog Devices for example.

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