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Kenwood amp wiring

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  • Kenwood amp wiring

    Hi, i have a kenwood amp KAC-7252 and i connected it today but i notice a red light came on. Is this normal cause i'm not getting any sound from my subs.

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    Thats tricky. I only say that because i'm not completely familiar with that particular model. Also, on some kenwood amps, the active light showing the unit is "on" may be red on some kenwood amps I've seen in the past.
    Unless this red light is labeled "protect" or something of that mannor. If so, than it may be a possibility that your wiring to your speakers are producing too low of an impedance or is being grounded.

    Consult your manual, or the tech support of your product.
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      it is the only light on this amp and i just notice a little sound comming from the subs but but not much at all. any other advise please....


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        First, in case you don't have the manual, here's a link:

        Next, assuming it's the light near one end on the top, being lit is a good thing (it goes out if the amp is in protection mode).

        Next eliminate all the obvious things:
        Have you checked & adjusted the gain knob,
        Have you checked any high/lowpass switches for proper setting,
        Do you know if the cables carrying the sound to the amp are good,
        Recheck power, ground and woofer wires, etc.


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          i have two subs and its doing it on both then i think it have to be something with the amp. i'll try connect it to another amp and know for sure


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            ive seen this before -

            its could your amp thats blown a cap / resister etc -
            it could also be a blown sub... try and run one sub at a time...

            the red light is usually a warning light or a power shutoff etc


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              i got it to work it was the rca connection from my sound card was the problem, i connected the front and rear rca and it work fine. I have a sound blaster audigy 2 ZS and it has green, black and orange connectors. when i check the setup it is :

              green - front
              Black - rear
              orange for center/sub

              but i'm not getting anything much from the orange. the way i have it setup is, i use a y connector for the green and use that for front and rear and black for sub. i know the orange is sub any idea. what am i doing wrong? It works but i want it setup the right way.


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                I have an audigy too and from memory you have to enable those ports. so instead of having it setup for 2.1 ( stereo + sub ) you have to do it as 4.1 ... from memory... then you will be able to use all 3 ports... so one for fronts, one for back and the other for sub... depends though as it may only put out the orange as one channel - in that case you have to find out which one of the channels is being used and split that... or creative may have some software... ( i have barely used it - still in the box :S )