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audiobahn add51t DSP - where can i get one!!

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  • audiobahn add51t DSP - where can i get one!!

    Does anyone here have any idea where I can get an Audiobhan ADD51T DSP in the UK? Or can I have it shipped to the UK from US perhaps. Is anyone selling a 2nd hand one in full working order?

    Please let me know or PM me.


    Amit K

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    You might have more luck finding it if you spell it correctly.

    The second one is an open box. The first link claims it's in stock.

    Good luck!
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      thanks!!!! i spelt it right once, 1 out of 2 aint bad... :-)

      Amit K


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        The idea from the start was as follows:

        The car PC will have an audigy sound card in it and I planned on using the optical out and feeding it into the add51t. Since it has high voltage pre outs I can feed them into the amps to run the subs, 6x9s and mids.

        I have been told that Audiobahn have stopped producing the unit and that hinders my plans, I was going for this route so I have a volume control knob in the dash (yes im old fashioned, i prefer to have a volume knob in the dash) and an EQ that I can use to customize the sound to my taste.

        Any suggestions on similar units? Any help would be most appreciated......




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          If you can find one for sale in the US, use a transhippign agent to send it on to yoru UK address.

          Amazon seem to have one here:


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            i bought mine from it was the only place i could find it in stock. at the time of my purchase it was $330 including tax + shipped. the sad thing is that i haven't installed anything yet. its just all pilled up on my floor. i got to get on that...

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              Hey Jp,

              You want to sell me yours? I cant get hold of them. say they havent got anymore left.

              Amit K


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                Originally posted by amk136 View Post
                Hey Jp,
                You want to sell me yours? I cant get hold of them. say they havent got anymore left.
                Amit K
                Hey - Sorry for jumping in. I have one sitting here in its box all ready to go. I have been meaning to put it on Ebay, but just haven't had the time. All the manuals, cables, and mounting brackets are included. I used it for a while in my Mustang, then did a revamp and went straight to my Rockford Fosgate amp from my CarPC.

                I will mention on item of note with regards to the digital connections. If you are using the coaxial digital rather than the fiber optic digital input, some of the VIA motherboards do have a high enough voltage on the coaxial outputs to work with ADD51T. I verified that the coaxial input does work by connecting it to three other devices (a DVD player, my desktop PC with a sound blaster card and a CD player I had that had coaxial audio out) so I know there is nothing wrong with the unit. As a matter of fact when I first ran into the problem, I think it was here on the forums that I found out what the problem was.

                If you are interested, drop me a private message.



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                  Ive got one 4 sale. $250. Pm me if u want it


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                    Hi there, do you still have your Audiobahn ADD51T processor for sale? If you have it, I am interested in buying it. Please let me know.


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                      Long gone. Thanks