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Sound quality using headunit and PC

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  • Sound quality using headunit and PC


    New here so first off, hey and thanks for the wealth of info that' available on these forums!

    I'm currently in the process of planning an in-car PC for my 350z. I've read up on here and i've found that many people eliminate the need for a standard headunit for use with an in-car PC, however I would really like to retain my Alpine headunit in my car. Mainly due to the space issue, i'm having a 7" touchscreen up in the (currently) empty cubby hole at the top of the dash and doing away with the standard headunit and putting in my Alpine 9855R.

    I understand that the Alpine will beconnected to the PC via the aux-in on the HU, however what are peoples experiences with sound quality like when using this as an option? I'm quite a big car audio nut so i'll be having a couple of 12" subs and also be changing the other speakers in the car so sound quality is a must.

    Am I right in thinking that sound quality will be notably different by connecting all my audio components from Alpine -> amp -> speakers than playing music through the PC -> Alpine -> amp -> Speakers?

    Thanks in advance for any help on clearing this matter up.


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    Personally I think it sounds better going through the HU first. I run my pc through a head unit and it sounds great. You also get the extra processing that the head unit can provide that otherwise you wouldn't get with a direct pc to amp. I wanted to keep the HU for radio reasons but I have never regretted doing so and will be doing the same next install.
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      yeah, I never had any problems going thru my alpine head either, it's better even still if you can add the 700/701 processor to the mix, for real sq the 31 band eq's are a necesity as far as I'm concerened & the added benifit of being able to go optical from the pc to the alpine is worth a lot too...
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        I can't attribute to sound quality but I sure like having the computer going through the HU. The computer is always being upgraded, config'd, etc. Nice to always have music available. I also don't have a tuner for the computer so I guess that might make a diffence.


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          I'll toss in another point of view. In a sound quality set-up, the fewer devices in the circuit, the better. A HU is redundant unless you don't want to buy amplifiers. As far as signal processing goes, that can be handled with software.