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Golf MK3 Voltage.

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  • Golf MK3 Voltage.

    Ok, well I recently bought a golf-mk3 for a very good price, however, it was missing its radio as it had been stolen and the harness hacked off wtih a blade.

    I was given a rather nice head unit for free, however, it requires 12 volts, whilst I measured the voltage on the radio's power-cables and they come in at just over 17 volts. Thats a rather big difference.

    Whats the best way to safetly procede? (and procede I mean without the use of a sound installation company)

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    You should be fine. Most headunits are designed to regulate the fluctuating voltage of a car's electrical system.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Or it could be that your meter's battery is low. My battery on my meter was really low for the longest time, but it still worked. And slowly the voltage displayed was increasing each time I used it. When comparing it to other people's meters the voltage was showing at or arround 12.0Vdc, whereas mine showed between 17-22 before the battery died.
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        Ok uh... I connected everything up and the fuse (15A) on the back of the unit went pop. I replaced it and tested it on my bench - radio still works.