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2 to 1 amp problem

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  • 2 to 1 amp problem

    Hey guys, last week I realized one of the jack ports on my sound card was bad. Lots of noise and static. So, instead of sending it back to Newegg and waiting who knows how long for a new one to arrive, I decided to just hook my front and rear amp inputs to the other working output port on the soundcard. So I picked up one of those 2 to 1 adapters that allows the input of 2 headphone jacks into one outlet, pluggeg the two outputs from the amp in and plugged it in the soundcard. To my sound. I tried hooking up both input wires from the amp seperately to the same port and I was able to get sound from the front and rear speakers both times. I assumd this was possible as i have seen it mentioned on this site and it does make total "electronic" sense.

    Today after work im returning the part to Radio Shack and getting a replacement to see if I just got a faulty one. Can anyone confirm that theyve done what I attempted, hooking 2 amp outputs to 1 sound card port, with no problem?

    Thanks in advance guys.

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    I have done this and it worked. Should be working for you.
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      Originally posted by Arrow View Post
      I have done this and it worked. Should be working for you.

      Has to be a faulty connector then. I failed to mention earlier that when I brought it, the package looked like it was taped closed by hand like it was returned or soemthing; but most of them were like this.

      Note to self: stay out of ghetto Radio Shack's.