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Amp got wet? is it dead?

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  • Amp got wet? is it dead?

    ok, so the other day i went threw the car wash, like 7th time ever... and when i was pulling away, i heard my subs POP.. i was like ugh... wtf?

    i got out went to the back... water leaked threw my trunk (were window and trunk meet) and landed on my amp... smoke was coming from were the outputs are (just a little bit)

    the amp still turns on... but i got nothing coming out of them

    what should i try? is there anything i can really do?

    this is a 500/1 and not the cheapest thing out there :-/ im really upset that this happend..

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    or contact believe they might repair amps.

    I've heard good things about both.

    hopefully there isn't too much water damage or burned up traces to the circuit board otherwise start shopping for a new amp. make sure to get the leaky window fixed first or find a better place to mount your amp.
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      I'm not an audio repair/water damage expert at all, so this is just my personal opinion and would depend on your skill level and if there is any mfg. warranty against such damage, etc. etc.

      I'd make sure the amp is dry inside so things don't get any worse than they already are. I'd open it if possible and use a hair dryer or something like that to blow warm air on things if it isn't dry by now. NOT REAL HOT and NOT HIGH PRESSURE AIR like from an air compressor which could drive water into places it isn't already.

      I've done some not-so-smart things too, but it isn't the best idea in the world to apply power if you don't know the amp is dry inside and any obvious damage is repaired for fear it will only do more harm.


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        I'm by no means an expert, but...

        You say that it turns on, but doesn't output any audio. Are you sure it's the amp that is not outputting, or could it be your sub(s) got blown?

        First thing is first, disconnect it and open it up. Any damage is probably already done, but if it is still wet inside then having it powered is asking for more problems.

        Let it dry for a few days. Depending on how the electronics are packaged (e.g. tightly grouped, multiple layers, etc..) a hair dryer won't hurt, but it won't get it all and being sure is better than not

        If you haven't already, find someway to verify your sub(s) are still good. I would have to guess that the while you may have gotten a little water in the amp, it probably shorted the speaker terminals. I can't imagine the mfg not protecting the amp from short like in that manner, but that could kill a speaker pretty good.

        And of course I wouldn't put the amp back in that trunk until it you get it (the trunk) resealed and dried out.

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          well, thank god it was just a little bit of water... i mean i think its when the blowers went on the car as i pulled out... but who knows.. i doubt doubt the speaker is bad, it was a very little bump when they turned off... so im hoping just the speaker terminals are bad.. im going to try the other 2 terminals i wasnt using later and see what happends... i will keep ya updated :-D


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            No expert here, but personally, I'd open it up and see if there's anythign noticably burnt out, also have you checked the fuses?


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              Usually subs only make a little "bump" when they blow.
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                wipe all your contacts with alcohol to remove anything that got on there that shouldn't. If you do open your amp, i'd was the circuit board with alcohol to remove any impurities as well. Let it dry for a day or so and you might be ok.


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                  well i have a spare amp/sub stored away i gonna dig up and see