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testing car radio with psu

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  • testing car radio with psu

    I got an extra radio that I know worked when it was pulled from a car. I want to use some of it for my carputer install. I want to test that it works since it sat in the humid garage for a few months. I live in one of the most corrosive air environments in north america, cape canaveral. Anyways, I have an extra ATX psu that is tested and works fine. I want to just hook up the radio to a 4 pin molex connector just to power on the radio on 12V.

    the black is ground I think, but when I tried to wire it to the molex the radio would not power on.
    I tried this with both just the red ACC wire into the 12V molex and grounded, plus with both red ACC and Yellow battery wires from radio to the 12V molex. but radio did not power. I didn't try it with just the yellow battery wire, but I assume it won't work because radio needs signal from ACC line to power on?

    do I put the red ACC wire and the yellow battery labeled wire in the same 12V yellow molex connector and just black ground from radio to the black ground on molex? so far, the radio won't power on.
    thanks for any advice. And feel free to burn me if I made a newbie mistake.

    Shot with Canon PowerShot A410 at 2007-07-08

    Shot with Canon PowerShot A410 at 2007-07-08

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    Is the PSU powered on? That is, do you have to short 2 wires to make it start like an ATX board would do? Can you test with a voltmeter? You can even try a HDD to see if it spins up.

    The BATT & ACC to the yellow in molex and ground to either black in the molex should work.
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      I got it working, turns out I just couldn't find the power button. I'ts kind of unmarked.

      but can anyone tell me which of the wires in the back go to speakers? I then the first 4 on the left? one solid purple, the purple striped, and then two that are blocked with them?

      thanks again...


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        depends on the harness of the radio, so look up the model and connectio-diagram with it....
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          Well, I went to pioneer site and I didnt see the DEH-12 listed cd player manual. anyone know where I can find the .pdf manual?

          nevermind, I found the manual in free downloads of 12volt technical forum.