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JL Cleansweep same as Sound card?

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  • JL Cleansweep same as Sound card?

    I was wondering, if i have an external sound card such as the audigy 2 NX would getting a JL clean sweep benefit me much or do they do pretty much the same things?

    my carputer still has to go through the Aux in and is connected via the Car2pc module (i know, not the best module for SQ)

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    the jl clean sweep doesn't do what a soundcard or dac will do. you need a soundcard (or dac) the cleansweep is used when you're keeping your stock head unit and you want to try to clean up the output before it goes to your amps IIRC
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      so you're going from computer to sound card to factory head unit?

      If so, then the cleansweep might help you. It's all dependent upon whether or not the factory head unit does something to the sound coming from the sound card, like adjust the eq's for example. If so, the cleansweep will balance that signal for you. That's the typical application.. However, since you have a computer, you can actually do the balancing yourself using software eq adjustments. You will need a mic and a program like trueRTA to help you balance you EQ levels. Then from there, make sure you only adjust the volume using your carputer.