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noobie wondering about hd tuners

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  • noobie wondering about hd tuners

    allright im new here keep in mind im only sixteen with my first car i want to put a car puter in place of a stereo i was wondering about hd radio though has any one done any thing with an hd tuner is there a special tuner to buy

    i havent done any thing yet and i have a freind who is a computer genius so i know basiclly what im doing through him im learning on the go so any help from u guys would be wonderful i want to make this into my highschool business as a car audio expert so feel free to teach me im taking electrical engineering this first semester but not sure that will be enough to understand all the ins and outs of audio so if any one knows of a complete course website etc please tell me or whatever my email is crazy filled with spam and i dont like it any way so tell me on this forum thank u

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    Jan Bennett
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!


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        thnx for the url to boomzbox and yes i failed english 1 and 2 but passed them in the credits so im not grammaticly correct and dont care id rather focus on improving life through science than improve my writing so yea i dont care but its funny that u mention it


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          Ya, but punctuation helps others understand WTF you are trying to say.

          "Eats shoots and leaves" is a vegan diet, but with punctuation, it becomes a felony, "Eats, shoots, and leaves"

          (no hard feelings, just trying to help you)


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            If you don't like writing your in for a rude awakening when you hit electrical engineering in college. I remember writing 40 page technical papers. and that was just for my associates.


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              well thats what friends are for i help them they help me im not trying to say im fully dependent on them and if i sit down and try i get results but now we have spell check and what not im just saying that my brain can perform mathematical processes easier than i can comprehend literature that doesnt mean i dont like to read im always reading but i play to my strengths and i believe if we all did what we were good at then we would advance our lives a lot easier thats just my opinion


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                It sucks, but when people don't know anything else about you, they will judge you on your writing ability.

                This page covers a lot of car-audio related fundamentals:

                Your best credential for getting into the car audio business will be a great-looking install in your own car. Like selling anything, its about presentation more than real quality or value. A clean custom install using average quality equipment will be more impressive than a ugly install done with top-of-the-line components.


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                  Lol guys this is a car forum, yeah the grammar isnt perfect, but the point still gets across.

                  BUT to the OP you asked some pretty vague questions, I would suggest reading, the wikipedia, and forums like this and ou can get lots and lots of good info.
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