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FM interference may be HD RADIO caused

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  • FM interference may be HD RADIO caused

    Well After trying several radios and not understanding why they all had static I am starting to think its something else.
    For the longest time I thought maybe the powered antenna was the problem. After all if the factory radio worked but all the
    aftermarkets did not ...???what gives. But all my tests proved that everything was working the way it should. Even my grounding was OK.

    Then I called the installer that installed my multiple attempts. He says over last month he has gotten 100% increase in unsatisfied customers do to this static multipath sounding issue.
    Even the radios he has put in his car have the problem.

    Well The radio stations are all starting to piggyback this new format "HD RADIO" on the FM signal. GREAT. So this could be causing interferance with the Main FM
    signal and/or Ajacent stations. If you Google around you will find that this is a real possibility.

    My theory is that the factory radios are being built to deal with this interferance better than the after market radios we are buying.

    This makes a lot of sense because static is getting into the audio without really "losing" the strength of a station. This had me mystified. As a Ham Radio
    operator I could not figure out how you get static when the strength of a station is so strong.

    So it looks like they have Killed the FM analog band in order to usher in a new medium that is really going to be an inferior one....for many other reasons which I am not going to get into here. I guess I am going to have to get a radio with HD or Satellete or just forget radio in the car all together.

    THis of course is my theory but the more I googled around the more this sounded like a good explaination.