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Do I need a line driver?

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  • Do I need a line driver?

    I see most of the posts deal with carputers but I hope someone can help me out. I have connected my iPod to my OEM head unit and I am not getting enough volume out of the system. The car is an 05 Cadillac CTS with Bose. I have my iPod connected to the OEM head unit with an AXXESS interface. The iPod connects to the Axxess via the line out and the head unit connects to the Axxess with a T-harness. The Axxess is sending the left and right signals to the remote radio terminals on the head unit (Designed for factory XM option). I have tried mp3Gain and euPod (didn't recognize my 30GB) to get as much as I can out of the MP3's and the iPod. I can crank the headunit but it only puts out about 75% of the volume as a CD or the tuner. Will a line driver correct this? If so is there a line driver that does not require RCA jacks? Would there be a problem splicing RCA jacks into the T-harness?