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Amp Problems, poping, ect.

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  • Amp Problems, poping, ect.

    Hi All.

    I have a 1000watt mono amp.

    When the amp is powered up, and the head unit is playing eveything seems to be working fine, but if I mute the head unit, or I change MP3 / CD track, wile it is quite you can hear a pop, pop, pop, coming from the speakers, if you look closly you can even see the speakers jumping to the pops.

    The amp can be wired in 4ohm or 2ohm, when the amp is in 4ohm with only one speaker connected you can only just hear the pop's, but when you run in 2ohm with 2 speakers it's alot more louder.

    This happens on any head unit, with or without the engine running.

    I am currenty running the amp with a 15AMP fuse, and it run's fine, if I try and use a 10AMP fuse it will just blow as soon as it is insurted.

    Of corse there is a problem inside the amp it's self, I would just like some help and advise of what conponents might be at fault.

    Thanks For Your Time.

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    you have noise somewhere, try checking the ground. Make sure that's good. Also make sure you didn't run your RCA cables next to your power cables.
    Lastly, 15 amp fuse for that amp seems too small. What brand/model is it?
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      Did this only start happening when you installed your sub? Does this pop happen on your interiors as well?
      I had this problem just recently with a customers car when I did a deck, Amp, Subs. It turns out that his 2nd or 3rd hand panasonic deck would do the same thing. You'd change the track , "POP!" You'd change the station, "POP!"
      Strange thing was it did the same thing with his interior speakers, which were not amplified, even after I disconnected the RCAs that went to the sub-amp. I then threw in a brand new radio just to check it out and everything worked perfect.
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        I have good power and grounds to the head unit and amp.
        The power & rem cable go down one side of the car, and the RCA's go down the other side.

        The front and rear speakers witch are powered from the head unit does not pop, ect.

        As said in my 1st post I have tryied dif head units, and all do the same.

        I have a 2nd car with a amp ect, and swap this poping amp into the other car and it still does the poping, so there is a problem with the amp.

        I have a soldering / unsoldring station, DVM's, scope's, ect, so I can start testing this amp on my work bench, but I don't really know where to start looking.

        Thanks for your time.


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          Oh I didnt catch that part about the head unit being swapped already. Have you checked your RCAs if they are still good? Maybe they have a bad ground wire within the RCA cable.
          Other than that, if the amp is at fault, then it may be more difficult to find the problem within the amp and rectify it.
          "In the beginners mind there are many possibilities, but in the experts mind there are few."- Shunryu Suzuki
          "Do it right or don't do it at all"

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            Well that's going to be a tough one to trouble shoot. But if your going to take the amp apart I would start on the input stage and check the inital filtering caps.
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              A 15amp fuse is a little low.... P=VI, 1000W/12V=83.333amps.
              I know its peak wattage, but still. 15 isn't even close.
              But i agree with boombox, amps are not simple, it will be a tough one to troubleshoot.