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Mounting woofer and amp

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  • Mounting woofer and amp

    Hello guys, i drive a bmw 3 series e46

    I have purchased a kenwood Monoblock Amplifier 1000w

    2 x JBL 1000W 12" SUB WOOOFERS


    box to mount woofers in.

    I have as light problem as its a bmw it has a slight arch shall we say once i get it all fitted whats the best way to have my box the boot is wide enough its just tricky and probably will be slanted. or maybe a wooden platform.

    Also is it ok to use velcro straps to secure the woofer onto floor?

    I got a converter thing for my headunit as it doesnt have support for amp/woofer i will be giving it to an audio shop for installation though.

    One final question..

    I want the woofer to be removable... as in if i have suitcases unplug the 4 cables straight out, lift it out and put it back in when i need it. is there any special procedures or cables i need?

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    Where's the computer going?
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      no computer.. not yet anyway maybe a future project


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        Originally posted by maily View Post
        no computer.. not yet anyway maybe a future project
        You do realize that is focused on PC installs, right?
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          oh ok didnt realise sorry