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Get amplifier out of 1DIN headunit

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  • Get amplifier out of 1DIN headunit

    Respected Audience,

    there are huge number of 1DIN units with mp3/radio and internal amplifier.
    Some people are modding them to solder in external stereo input (jack).

    Is it practical to get some unit like this as an amplifier donor,
    leave only bass/treble/loudness settings and pretty much use it for carputer sound output? Ideally, it would be nice to digitally control it from carputer also.

    Thanks for your replies in advance.
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    check out or any tripath chip amp would probably net you better sq then a given head unit amp. if' you're not into building the amp yourself check out the sonic impact amp and some of the mods that can be done to it. both are inexpensive and small
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      Thanks Scott, it sounds like this is what I need (from 41Hz).
      Will contract for C++/Win-Linux/PIC jobs