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Alpine IDA-X001 and High speed cable woes

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  • Alpine IDA-X001 and High speed cable woes

    I have a question regarding two Alpine products I currently own and hought someone here may have some insight.

    I purchased the Alpine IDA-X001 iPod deck and am very happy with every aspect of the performance of it. I then found out that the cable that was supplied with the kit wasn't the actual High Speed cable and wanting the besy performance I run out and spend $40 canadian on the KCE-422i high speed cable.

    Today I install the new cable not knowing if I was going to see a really big improvement but it actually seems o be the total opposite.

    The IDA-X001 deck now (only with the new KCE-422i) doesn't show the album art on the display nor does the high speed scroll work.

    I can't see that this could be normal for a $40 cable to remove some of the very reasons a person would purchase this deck.

    I can switch between the cables and on the basic cable everything works and on the KCE cable nada.

    Anyone else run both the deck and cable and have this problem?

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    First of all, this is a website dedicated to carPCs. If you would like to learn more about carPCs then you are welcome to read more about it. Secondly, you may have better luck with a website that is dedicated to the general aesthetics of car audio, or directly from the manufactures. Lastly, I believe that it may be an issue due to what version of ipod or what software updates that may be required. More information can be provided per your users manual or through alpine's tech support.
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