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JVC to CarPC -- use PD100 and pretend to be an ipod?

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  • JVC to CarPC -- use PD100 and pretend to be an ipod?

    I was looking for information on the j-link protocol in order to connect a carputer (audio section) to a JVC receiver. I have not been successful. But I have found documentation on the apple accessory protocol at

    So for audio purposes, I'm thinking I could pretend to be an ipod, instead of trying to reverse engineer the j-link protocol. I hate to pile protocol upon protocol, but at least I could get something working quickly with the free PD-100 that is coming with my receiver.

    Has anyone tried this?

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    no, but i would be weary about trying to 'pretend' to be an iPod.

    first and foremost, nothing will display on your head unit. worst case garble might appear on it, not only making it look bad, but could hurt the unit.

    Your best bet would to adapt jlink to rca and rca to miniplug. I couldn't get that link to load, so it might just be a jlink to miniplug adapter, in that case it will work fine.

    i'm going to assume you don't have an rca input on your head unit (i know my jvc didn't :\)

    anyways, best of luck for you.
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      The idea would be to emulate the ipod (AAP) protocol, since it is at least partially documented (and connectors are available), in order to get text to display on the headunit along with the audio. If the j-link protocol was availabile, I'd prefer to use that, but I have found very little on it.