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    I need help picking my amplifier. Need 4 channel amp for new set of 6.5" Polk Momo Components. I've looked at and compared the specs of both amps and there both very close. heres link to a comparison of them side by side from

    there both very close. also i should note my price for both units would be 100 for the profile and 185 for the polk, (employee discount price, not from crutchfield). that being said it makes it even harder to decide.

    One note i would stay that is leaning me towards the polk is that i get the 'pre-eq' features since i have the polk momo's. I've also seen a and read across many reviews and buying guides and technical info about car audio amps. and a lot seem to say that a good sign of quality is the weight...i.e. more power requires bigger heatsinks and hence more weight (usually) and some other factors that come into the weight. The polk weights about 13-14 pounds where as the profile is about 9.5-10

    What do you guys think i should go with.

    Also probably will get the matching sub amp from either unless someone has another recommendation

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    wow you either mis-read or mis-interperted about the quality of amp regarding heatsinks.

    Heatsinks are one of the most expensive parts of an amplifer believe it or not. It takes alot of money to machine/cast them. The larger the amp, typically the heavier it is since the heatsink is a chunk of aluminum. A larger surface are heatsink helps insure proper cooling which is better for your amp.

    Anyway, judging by the guts, the polk looks to be built a little cleaner and stronger (more caps, stronger power supply). Resale value would probably be better than the profile as well if you decide to sell it later. just my thoughts. I take it you work for circuit city? What are the return repair rates for each of these amps?


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      thats what i meant about the amp quality, bigger and or better components will make it sound better, last longer and run cooler. i knew that, i must have just not illustrated what i was saying well enough. i couldn't find any good pictures of the inside of the amplifiers so i didn't know either, but yes i would definitely agree with you after seeing them ( Great website by the way AmpGuts, sweet link). Yeah i do work at circuit city, but not in car audio. And I'm not sure about the return/repair rate.

      Thanks for the Info/link and opinion though, i think I've decided to go for everything Polk except for he sub woofer. the MOMO subs look good but i think I'm probably gonna go for an aluminum or a metalized carbon fiber cone sub. want the sub ot be like a piston just moving air.


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        no harm no foul. I just try to help make sure correct information is passed on. Glad you understand value.
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          Need Help

          I have 2 audiopipe 12" subs and i need to know what amp to buy. It needs to be able to bump hard.

          PER SUB
          ~750 Watts MAX Power
          ~375 Watts RMS Power
          ~2" 4 Ohms 4-Layer Dual Voice Coil