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Sony deck and xa-300 changes to att automatically!?!

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  • Sony deck and xa-300 changes to att automatically!?!

    I just installed my xa-300 device to my sony cdx-gt400, along with my pc in my car. but before I used my pc via usb, i was using my mp3 player and regular cds. I notice everytime i put a cd in, it starts with ATT (low volume feature) ON, and also when playing a cd or aux 1 input (only input used so far), the deck or xa-300 turns ATT ON by itself at random times. Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? Thanks!

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    There is a light blue wire coming from the radio's harness. Make sure that it is not touching metal or hooked up to anything (besides a handsfree kit).


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      fixed the problem...

      i ended figuring out what it was. The uni-link cable was being pushed to the side and causing a bad connection to the rear of the deck because there was a metal bar behind the mounting harness of the radio (part of the dash), so i drilled a few holes in the metal and knocked out space for the cable to be free. XA-300 works perfect now!