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  • Help!!!!!!!!!!

    I installed my first carpc about 4-5 months ago. the past couple of days...i noticed when my engine is off my lights are dimmed alittle but when i start it, it can see the lights brighten up alittle bit. I cant tell if my battery is dying because of my carpc or if its like that. Only extra device i have hooked to my battery is the carpc. Its using a m2-atx power supply. 160W version.

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    Its no problem. Also your headlights are getting 13.8v when running and 12v when the engine is off I think. It would make sense unless there is a voltage regulator in there, i dunno.
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      My car with no CarPC does that when the lights are on and the engine is off. AFIK it's normal, all my cars have done it.

      It kinda makes sense that lights would dim since they are getting less power, and during startup it's getting a big boost in power, so they would appear brighter for a bit.

      Allthough i could be wrong, i could just have had a bunch of cars with shotty batteries.
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        This should happen. Probably always has and you haven't noticed until now. The average car battery supplies 12V. When the car is running, the alternator supplies about 13.6V. All of your lights are getting more voltage and thus get brighter when the alternator is turning.
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          Well at least i know its not a common problem. But im going to get the battery level checked. The reasons i was asking this also was that my ciggarete lighter always keeps blowing when i plug the lilliput into it but with out connecting the cord to the screen...just the cord itself